Durango Update: The Simms Family’s Return



We have had an incredible time here in Durango, Mexico. God has been working in the lives of every single one of us. We are growing very close to the rest of the team on this trip.

Last year we started putting up the frame of the church here in Durango, and this year we see the complete project. It is so amazing.


The first day was very exciting for the Simms Family. Pastor Eraclio put me in charge of the door frames the first day here, and I was able to explain how to properly sand the frames to other members of the team.

Sunday night the church here in Durango threw a fiesta in our honor, where we were thrilled by the presence of a live Mariachi Band. We also had the honor of witnessing Graham Averitt, or “Pollo Loco (The Crazy Chicken)’s, moves on the dance floor, including, but not limited to, the worm, the splits, the lawn mower, and an irish jig.


We have been blessed by the incredible hospitality of the Reyes family and friends, and have formed great friendships with all of them. Please pray for us as we continue our journey through our home away from home, a city called Durango.
-Armstrong Simms on behalf of the Simms Family

Photos by Armstrong Simms

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