Prayer Request: West Africa

One of our missionaries, Frank, will be traveling to West Africa today.  Aside from the usual war/ violence, disease, etc, Ebola is now a real threat.  Please read his update below and pray for his safety and that God’s will would be done in Africa!

— Andrew


Be in prayer August 7-27

Frank will be spending three weeks in West Africa.  Two weeks in one of the new countries we are working in and one week back in the country where we lived for ten years.  Frank will teach a week long course on indigenous missions and another session on church government.  There has been a huge amount of spiritual warfare leading up to this trip.  Many issues coming up in the last few weeks have left us worn out before the trip even begins.  These have included deaths in our extended family, financial issues, health issues, our youngest daughter’s car breaking down and needing replacing. Added to that is the news of the uncontrollable Ebola epidemic in the region.  Frank won’t be in the three countries currently where Ebola is present but the countries he will be in are adjacent.  While we are not so concerned about Ebola there is a ripple effect on flights in the region. One teacher who was to come in before Frank had to cancel already because his flights were completely disrupted by the shut down of airports in the region.  When circumstances start to pile up like this we know we need prayer as the little things we are getting ready to do must have some importance for the kingdom and we are the target of a campaign to discourage us.


  • Pray for travel to WA to go well.  We are taking several suitcases loaded with books and course materials.  They are pretty heavy.  Pray that they all arrive and that Frank doesn’t have added back issues from moving them. 
  • Pray for the teaching and training to go well. That local transport to and from the local training center each day would be reliable and safe.  Pray that the students would grasp the material well and God would use it to build up the churches in the region.
  • Pray for travel between countries to go without delay or interruption. Frank has a flight between African countries on the 20th.  
  • Pray for us to be resting in God and his provision for all the things that have piled up leading up to this trip.  Pray that Frank would be able to rest and be focused and refreshed for the long teaching times.
  • Pray that you would keep all our local and US brothers and sisters safe and that the Ebola epidemic would quickly come under control and would not spread further.
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