Back to South Sudan

PPC members Andrew & Elle Slaton are traveling back to South Sudan this week to continue their ongoing work for Seed Effect.

South Sudan is facing the threat of civil war, after only gaining their independence from the North in 2011.  Poverty and disease are rampant as well in the world’s newest country.  Seed Effect seeks to empower the people of South Sudan through micro-loans, business training, and discipleship.

Elle is now working full time as the mobilization coordinator for Seed Effect.  She will be collecting the inspiriting stories of their clients, as Andrew will be photographing them.


margaret dradu, anzo-aa

God is doing mighty things in South Sudan, a place that seems only desperate and hopeless to the watching world.

Follow Andrew & Elle along the way via Facebook and the Seed Effect blog, to hear and see that our God is good!



Please join us in prayer for the safety of the team, and that Christ would be exalted in all they say and do.

If you would like to support the team and help with the cost of the trip, please visit their donation page.



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