Max Tykhonov // Ukraine


Max Tykhonov was born September 23, 1976, in Izmail, Odesa region. He is married and has one daughter and son. In 1999, he graduated from Izmail Pedagogical Institute. From 1999 to 2000 he studied at the Ukrainian Bible Seminary, Kiev. After 4 years of study, in 2004, graduated from the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine in Kiev with a  Master of Divinity degree. In 2004 he was ordained as a minister at the base of new churches presbytery 1st Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine.

Presbyterian Reformed Church of Kiev, Ukraine (Solomensky) community.Pastor Max Tykhonov serves as Pastor through MTW.

“Our church exists to: love each other, worship God, evangelize and bring new people to Christ, raising loyal followers – the active members of the church.”

At the moment, Max is the organizing pastor of the Church of the Big City of Kiev, as well as a member of the Committee of the Presbytery at the base of new churches. Maxim Tykhonov is an official consultant on urban and youth ministry in the Christian missionary organization “Radstock Ministries” (UK)

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