Seima Aoyagi // Japan

S Aoyagi Photo

Ministry Area: Japan
Responsibilities: Church planting, pasturing, teaching, mentoring
E-mail Address:

Like more than 99% of the people of Japan, I grew up in a non-Christian Buddhist home. I did not meet a Christian until I was 17, and it was through her that I became a Christian. My life changed. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful Christian wife, and led us into seven years of experience of college ministry in Japan under MTW.

Having a chance to receive further theological training in the US at Covenant Seminary, and ordained as a gospel minister, I strongly feel that these blessings should not be only for ourselves, but be used for the redemption of Japan, and I am thankful that God is sending us back to Japan to be a church planter in Tokyo.

Church Planting in Tokyo

Though I spend so much time in Tohoku and would like to see a church to be given birth there, my deep desire is to see a gospel centered church to be planted in Tokyo.  What I am amazed by is that this relief work has also enabled us to build a broad network here in Tokyo.  While God keeps me busy with this relief work in the north, he still keeps in my heart a burning desire for a church plant.  I do not know how this is possible, but I sense God is even now planting a church in Tokyo by planting a church in Tohoku.

Please Pray

..for us.
That we as a family be united by the Spirit and be dependent on the Lord always.
That God gives me strength and compassion to continue this relief work.

..for Tohoku.
That the northern cities are rebuilt as soon as possible.
That the people in the north find hope in our Lord Jesus.
That God plant a church in the north.

..for Tokyo.
That God raised more leaders in Grace City Church, bringing more people to the church.
That God prepare a path for our future church plant.

If you would like to give to the earthquake/ tsunami relief work, you can send a check to:

Presbyterian Mission International (PMI)
12330 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO 63141
Attention: Seima Aoyagi (Tsunami Relief)

— Seima

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