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Our Mission: To enter the lives of families in Africa, meet them where they are, teach the good news of Jesus Christ, and share the Gospel truths of grace and love that we have personally received from our Heavenly Father.

What is TIMO?

TIMO stands for Training in Ministry Outreach and is a ministry-model that is designed for cross-cultural training and for work among an unchurched people group. Ultimately, the goal is for a church to be planted that is culturally distinctive and Gospel focused. The TIMO model incorporates language learning, cultural adaptation, spiritual warfare, and evangelism. In addition, TIMO gathers together between 6 to 10 team members who are dispersed throughout a remote village in Africa. “The bottom line is all about new ground and thirsty land…you might be an important link in exciting ministry outreach” (cited from To find out more watch this video.

TIMO in Nosy Be, Madagascar

We have joined a TIMO team in Nosy Be, Madagascar, living among the Sakalava tribe. The team is made up of the following members:

Rosina Ferdinand: Team Leader (Madagascar)

Jed & Elly Schoepp and their 3 kids: James, Eli and Ben (Canada)

Michelle VanderEnde (Canada)

Tori Alverson (United States)

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds and their 3 kids: Camden, Myla and Keely (United States)

Jennifer Rocheleau (United States)

Jordan & Laura Bracy (United States)

Our team is living around the Ambatozavavy Bay region of Nosy Be island. There are 3 distinct villages, within walking distance of one another, where we are spread out and live among the Sakalava. Upon arrival we spent a week living with a local Sakalava family where we learned what they do from day-to-day and were immersed in their language and culture. After this initial introduction, we then moved into our cabin that was built for our family. During the years in which we live among the Sakalava we will be learning to live without our normal, everyday luxuries; such as electricity and running water. A daily adventure involves going to a local well to collect water for use throughout the day. In learning to live simply, and adopting the daily life routines of the Sakalava people we will tear down barriers that stand in between our two worlds and draw ourselves closer into community with our new friends. We are excited to see the beauties of their culture, to look for ways that God is already at work, to walk alongside God’s mission in Nosy Be, and to share his good news of salvation by grace through faith in our Great ancestor…Jesus Christ.

To learn more about the McReynolds, please visit their website at:

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